"I am very pleased with the work performed by Sisti Electric. After experiencing problems with lights and television flickering and furnace turning on during calm/dry weather the problem had to be resolved. After inspection of the circuit breaker panel box, it was discovered that water was leaking down the outside of the panel box and leaving a powdery residue on the breaker switches. Upgrades were made to the power line, panel box, circuit breakers and the addition of a power surge protector. All the work was done in a timely basis and in a neat and orderly fashion. I would recommend Dan Sisti of Sisti Electric for your electrical needs."

-Nacy Hitchcock

"Dan Sisti of Sisti Electric was very experienced and friendly. I was amazed at his efficiency and knowledge, a true expert. A very knowledgeable and courteous comapny."

-M. Silvestri

"Sisti Electric did a day long installation, Dan was very professional and extremely courteous. The installation itself was very well done and left me very satisfied. I have, and will continue to recommend Sisti Electric to our family, friends, and neighbors."

-J. Imes

"We had our service panel replaced, along with other electrical upgrades. I highly recommend Sisti Electric."

"Dan Sisti arrived, (he was very punctual), and assessed our situation. Thoroughness, attention to detail, and safety was always Mr. Sisti's on going priority. What could have been an inconvenient project-time for us, went smoothly and quickly."

"His conscientious follow-up, also shows his dedication and professionalism."

"We want to install a hot tub in the future, and will absolutely have Dan Sisti return, for that project, and any of our electrical needs."

-Donna & Dan Warren

"After recently going through the exhausting and stressful process of putting an addition on our home, we can say that we are extremely grateful that Sisti Electric was there through it all!"

"Dan Sisti came in and sat down with us prior to breaking ground to create a rough sketch of the lighting scheme that we wanted. He offered us many options, but let us make the final decision on what suited our lifestyle best. He was extremely knowledgeable on what we needed to do to update our home so that we would be safe, and explained it to us in terms that we understood. His work was clean and professional each and everyday he was on site. With three small children living in the house during this chaos our stress level was, of course, through the roof. Dan made every effort to ensure our family's safety and always left the house in better condition than he found it, including vacuuming and dusting his work areas.. every woman's dream! Not only is Sisti Electric's work beautiful, but it was a pleasure having them in our home."

-Melissa Bihari Sacco